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Creating Stunning Smiles for Every Dental Patient

Contrary to popular belief, a healthy smile isn’t always a beautiful one. Significant flaws like stains, discoloration, chips, cracks, and more can make it difficult for patients to show off their teeth with confidence. At Lifetime Dental, patients in need of a true transformation are always welcomed at our Feeding Hills, MA dental office. Your cosmetic dentist in Agawam, MA, Dr. Frank Michitti offers a wide range of cosmetic services that can create dazzling improvements; better yet, you’ll be treated to a high-quality care experience that’s always gentle and personalized to fit your unique needs. Our team serves Agawam, West Springfield, Westfield and other surrounding areas – contact us today to schedule an appointment!

dental tools in mouth Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Finally receiving the quality restorative work you need should feel like a victory, not a loss when you look in the mirror and see noticeably silver or gold teeth staring back at you. That’s why Dr. Michitti is dedicated to providing his patients with cosmetic-friendly alternatives that provide the same lasting and durable results you can count on. Our metal-free restorations are seamlessly lifelike and precisely personalized; we utilize several excellent brands here at Lifetime Dental, such as E.max, Empress, and Lava Esthetic Zirconia to ensure results that exceed expectations.

In addition to their superior aesthetics, metal-free dental restorations are also more comfortable and biocompatible than their predecessors. If you’re in need of a new crown, inlay, or onlay, don’t hesitate to reach out for help! Dr. Michitti would be happy to offer you valuable guidance and recommendations that will be sure to leave you with a stronger, happier smile. 

woman with glasses smiling Porcelain Veneers

When a patient is looking to give their smile an overall makeover, veneers can be an excellent solution. These wafer-thin porcelain shells are precisely crafted and personalized to fit over the visible surfaces of certain teeth, hiding cracks, chips, stains, and even gaps all at once behind a bright, refreshed appearance. In addition to traditional porcelain veneers, Dr. Michitti also offers a minimal preparation alternative that is more conservative and cost-effective; his recommendation will depend on the patient’s unique needs and personal goals for their cosmetic treatment.

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woman laying on floor smiling At-Home Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dental flaws patients face is gradual discoloration and/or noticeable dental stains that leave their teeth looking lackluster. At Lifetime Dental, Dr. Michitti offers proven brands like KoR and Opalescence for professional take-home kits that can create dramatic improvements in the comfort of your home. The process is simple – patients simply need to wear the high-grade whitening gel and customized oral trays together for a certain amount of time each day; this can be done whenever they have the time, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night after the kids have gone to bed. Within a few weeks, you should start seeing dramatic improvements!

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blonde woman smiling In-Practice Teeth Whitening

While take-home whitening kits are effective and convenient, some patients simply can’t wait to achieve the brighter smile they need. Maybe they don’t have the time in their daily routine to accommodate take-home whitening, or maybe they have a big event coming up that they need to look their very best for. In these cases, Agawam cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michitti recommends in-practice whitening with KoR and Opalescence Boost as the ideal solution. In just a single appointment, our team can brighten teeth by several shades, allowing you to leave that same day with the confident appearance you deserve.

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dentist showing patients teeth Gum Recontouring

When a smile appears uneven or overly “gummy” to the eye, it may be time for a change. Thankfully, Dr. Michitti can alter a patient’s natural gum line with the help of our advanced iLase™ soft tissue laser. By precisely removing overgrowths of tissue, he can help patients discover that they have plenty of healthy, beautiful tooth structure that was hidden out of sight all this time. He can also create a more pleasing, symmetrical appearance overall that leaves you ready to show off your new look!

teen boy smiling Dental Bonding

When a relatively minor cosmetic fix is needed, such as correcting a small chip or building on an addition to misshapen dental structure, direct bonding could be the ideal solution. This procedure is fast and simple – Dr. Michitti will apply the high-quality composite resin and carefully sculpt it into a pleasing shape that blends right in with the rest of the tooth. With professional and personal maintenance, direct bonding is likely to last for several years.

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