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4 Things to Consider In a Cosmetic Dentist

November 28, 2022

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a patient speaking with a cosmetic dentist in Agawam

Do you struggle with one or multiple dental imperfections? Are you interested in improving your pearly whites? If so, then you’ll want to find a cosmetic dentist you can trust. That said, there should be no room for error when it comes to your smile makeover. Keep reading to learn about four things to consider when picking a cosmetic dentist in Agawam!


Is Undergoing Cosmetic Dentistry Uncomfortable?

November 10, 2022

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a man covering mouth from a cosmetic dentist in Agawam

Are you self-conscious about one or more dental flaws in your teeth? Fortunately, with cosmetic dentistry, you don’t have to settle for living with a smile you aren’t proud of. Whether you have discolored or chipped teeth, these treatments can upgrade your pearly whites in no time! But does it hurt to undergo any of these procedures? Read on to learn why you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when your cosmetic dentist in Agawam improves your smile.


4 Questions You Need to Ask at Your Cosmetic Dental Consultation

October 12, 2022

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Senior male dentist in the dental office talking with a female patient

If there’s one thing you want to get right the first time, it’s a dental procedure. That’s why knowing how to talk to your dentist, and what questions to ask them, is important. If you have an upcoming cosmetic dental consultation, here are five things you should ask about to get a sense of what procedure would be right for you.


3 Reasons to Choose a Dentist for TMJ Therapy

September 27, 2022

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woman experiencing jaw pain

Chronic jaw pain can be a debilitating problem if left untreated. When seeking a professional for help, you may be unsure of where to turn. Finding someone who can easily navigate the temporomandibular joints and other nearby facial structures might seem like more of a medical doctor’s arena. But what you may not realize is that dentists are considered to be ideal experts who can deliver adequate diagnoses and provide effective TMJ therapy. Here are three reasons why you will find it to be in your best interest to place your jaw pain in the hands of a dental professional.


What to Stop Doing if You Have TMJ Disorder

September 15, 2022

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A woman with TMJ disorder

TMJ disorder is a bad enough problem on its own. After all, the condition causes chronic jaw pain! You obviously wouldn’t want to make the issue worse. That said, you’re better off avoiding anything that could aggravate your jaw. However, what if you don’t know what such things are? In that case, you can trust the advice of your local Agawam dentist. Here’s a summary of four habits to stop doing while you’re dealing with TMJ disorder.


Teeth Whitening or Veneers: Which Do You Choose?

August 25, 2022

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A patient receiving treatment from a cosmetic dentist

Even if you’ve decided to get whiter teeth from your dentist, you might not know which to choose. After all, many cosmetic dental treatments can give you a beaming smile. For instance, maybe you’re trying to decide between teeth whitening and dental veneers. Both procedures could transform your pearly whites, but they also have varying strengths and weaknesses. Luckily, your Agawam cosmetic dentist can help out. Read on to learn whether to get teeth whitening or veneers based on their positives and negatives.


4 Tools Used to Make Flawless Porcelain Veneers

August 18, 2022

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Close-up of teeth with porcelain veneers

Compared to crowns, dental fillings, and dentures, veneers haven’t been around for that long. While the former treatments have been around hundreds or thousands of years, the latter service was only invented in 1928. Furthermore, the first veneers were acrylic and depended on temporary adhesive. However, things have drastically changed in the last century. Today’s porcelain veneers rely on cutting-edge technology to ensure they fit perfectly and flawlessly. To prove it, here are three dental tools that dentists use to make these ceramic layers truly transformative.


Can Veneers Be Made from Different Materials?

July 21, 2022

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Woman smiling with veneers

If you’re unhappy with the current appearance of your smile, you don’t need to settle for it. There is a wide variety of cosmetic solutions out there that can help you achieve the goals you have for your smile. Veneers are one of the most common options thanks to their numerous benefits and ability to leave you with a picture-perfect smile. Continue reading to learn more about veneers as well as the different materials they can be crafted from.


The Long Evolution of Dental Implants

July 12, 2022

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Illustration of dental implants

In dentistry, one of the most effective treatments has always been dental implants. They stay secure and complete your smile by fusing with your jawbone! Given dentists’ emphasis on safety and success, though, you might expect implants appeared only recently. However, you’d be wrong —they’ve existed for thousands of years. After all, human beings have always wanted to solve tooth loss. Here’s a summary of dental implants’ evolution for those interested in learning more.


4 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Successful

June 8, 2022

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3D render of dental implant in jaw

One of the biggest selling-points for dental implants is that they rarely fail in the long-term. In fact, the dental implant success rate is over 95%! Most people who get them can remain confident that their restored smile will last quite a while. As for why implants work so well, it isn’t a secret — their placement relies on several factors that help boost effectiveness. To learn more, here’s a summary of four things that make dental implants a highly successful dental treatment.

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