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Introducing Perio Protect: A Better Way to Treat Gum Disease

August 25, 2021

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woman smiling after using Perio Protect

When it comes to advancements in dentistry, your dentist should be on the lookout for the best innovations and bringing them to you to fight old problems like gum disease. Although very common, untreated gum disease can have serious consequences for your oral and overall health. It is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and has been directly linked to heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

In the past, addressing gum disease was a long, arduous process with scaling, root planing, and even surgery. But now, Perio Protect is changing how this disease can be treated. In this post, you’ll learn more about this new method and its many benefits.


Should You Get Teeth Whitening After Braces?

July 23, 2021

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man showing off the results of his teeth whitening after braces with a magnifying glass

You’ve just spent a substantial amount of money straightening your teeth with braces. When you finally get them taken off, you glimpse at your newly aligned smile in the mirror only to find that your teeth are now filled with blotches of uneven color. Don’t worry; tooth discoloration after braces is actually fairly common. That’s why most dentists offer professional teeth whitening treatments to help you finally achieve your dream smile. Read on to learn why you might need teeth whitening after braces and how to do it safely!


Are “Bad Teeth” Genetic?

June 22, 2021

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Family tree

Do you find that you always seem to be dealing with one dental issue or another? You may even feel as if you just have “bad teeth,” and it isn’t in your control at all. If your parents have had similar dental issues, it may seem like you were genetically predisposed to dental health problems. While genetics and family life do play a role in your oral health, this doesn’t mean that you need to go the rest of your life in the dental chair day after day. Here is what you need to know.


Understanding the Basics of Dental Implants

June 8, 2021

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dentist holding dental implant model and smiling

More than 35 million Americans have missing teeth – and that number is growing by a whopping 500,000 annually. Are you a part of this statistic? If so, you may be researching your options for tooth replacement. Dental implants are a popular solution that provides outstanding, life-long benefits. Learn more about this option to determine if it’s the right one for you.


Veneers or Crowns: Which is Best for Me?

May 27, 2021

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Woman at consultation for veneers or crownsIf you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks, you have more options than ever to fix the imperfections. Among the most popular solutions are porcelain veneers and dental crowns. Although they are similar, there are many differences between the two. Here’s what you need to know to determine if veneers or crowns are right for you.


Popular Health Trends That May Be Damaging Your Teeth

May 14, 2021

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charcoal toothpaste popular trend bad for your teeth

Many people turn to the internet as a resource for advice on many things, from home improvement hacks to makeup tips to even health and oral hygiene advice.

With the rise of social media, it’s easy to come across viral trends that promise to be effective but can secretly be detrimental to your health—and people may not know until it’s too late. Want to know which fads to stay away from? Here are five popular trends that are bad for your teeth.


5 Reasons Why You’re Better Off with a Family Dentist

April 24, 2021

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mother and son visit family dentist

As the leader of your family, you’re responsible for making sure everyone is taken care of. When it comes to their dental health, how can you accommodate the varied ages and needs of your family members? Is it better to work with several dentists to ensure everyone receives the care specific to their needs, or is there an easier way? As you continue reading, discover 5 reasons why it’s better to choose a family dentist.


The Amazing Development of Teeth Whitening Over the Years

April 13, 2021

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woman undergoing teeth whitening process

According to historical records, Man’s desire for white teeth isn’t a new occurrence. It turns out that, although primitive in its execution, teeth whitening has been around for quite some time. How did it develop into the sophisticated versions that are available today? Continue reading to get the full scoop!


5 Questions to Ask About Post-Op Dental Implant Surgery

March 15, 2021

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a dentist performs dental implant surgery on a patient

Unless you’ve done your research, it is unlikely that you know what to expect after undergoing dental implant surgery. Yes, there is a span of several months of recovery that you will be required to complete at home, but what exactly occurs during this time? Will you be in much pain? Are there foods you’ll need to avoid? A local dental expert is here to answer your questions and address your concerns, providing greater insight to help better prepare you for your upcoming procedure.


3 Myths About Root Canal Therapy Finally Put to Rest!

February 13, 2021

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Somewhere along the lines, root canal therapy developed some negative stereotypes. Unfortunately, the stigmas still remain, leaving many patients uneasy about having the procedure done. There are 3 main root canal myths that can cause hesitance, and it’s time they were addressed. Continue reading to get the real scoop!

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