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Keeping You Comfortable During Your Visit

A young woman smiling up at her dentist in preparation to receive pain-free dentistry in Agawam

Dental anxiety is a real problem among millions of people throughout the United States. Whether it is the sights, smells, and sounds of a dentist’s office, past trauma, or a sensitive gag reflex that keeps you from remaining comfortable, you may find yourself avoiding upcoming appointments. The reality is that by continuing to put off your visits, you are increasing your risk for more serious dental problems (i.e., tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer). Fortunately, medieval techniques are a thing of the past, and if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it’s time to consider how Dr. Michitti and his team at Lifetime Dental of Agawam can help you overcome your fears. With pain-free dentistry, you’ll be surprised how your experience will be effective, efficient, and more comfortable than you could imagine. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer.

Air Abrasion

A young woman sitting upright in the dentist’s chair and giving a thumbs up while the dentist prepares to perform air abrasion

Need a filling? Undergoing certain cosmetic dental treatments? With air abrasion, you can say “so long” to your dental fears. Using this advanced technology, Dr. Michitti can spray fine particles toward your tooth, removing any decay or stains before having them suctioned away. With no need to use a drill, you can avoid any unnecessary heat, vibration, or pressure, allowing you to have a more enjoyable experience that leaves your smile healthier than ever before.

Painless Anesthesia

A male patient undergoing dental work after receiving painless local anesthesia

When preparing for a more complex dental treatment or requiring multiple procedures to be completed in one visit, Dr. Michitti has years of advanced training and experience in administering painless local anesthesia. Not only is it safe and effective, but one of his clients, Beverly Davis, even remarked on their inability to feel any pain, saying, “I have been a patient of Dr. Michitti for about 3+ years. Dr. Michitti is the most gentle, kind dentist. He explains step-by-step procedures so you always know what to expect. If you are like most people not loving going to the dentist, Dr. Michitti understands and makes it pain-free. His office is so clean and comfortable. I must also say his staff, is fantastic!! ?? Before I end, his work is fantastic and done with the finest materials.”

Taking Our Time to Ensure You’re Comfortable

A young female lying back in a dentist’s chair and appearing calm before her treatment

There’s no rush when it comes to helping you get comfortable for your appointment. Our qualified team of experts is here to listen to your concerns and identify ways in which we can help you relax and prepare for necessary treatment. Our commitment to providing one-on-one attention is evident in the way we carefully approach your appointment as well as the equipment and resources we use to minimize fears and promote a healthier, calming atmosphere. At Lifetime Dental of Agawam, you’re not a number. Instead, we believe in building relationships with our patients to ensure we exceed your expectations and help you view dentistry in a new light.

Low-Stress Environment

A male dentist talking to a male patient about his upcoming procedure

When arriving at our dental office for regular or elective dental work, there’s no need to worry about feeling judged because of your dental anxiety. Our team understands this is a real concern for you, which is why we strive to provide a low-stress environment. We offer exceptional service and genuine support to ensure you achieve a level of comfort and relaxation. This allows you to get the dental care you need without worrying about the treatments used to help you maintain better oral health.

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

A young male wearing a blue button-down shirt and looking at his improved smile in the mirror

“I have horrible anxiety around dental appointments and everyone at this office was WONDERFUL. They were actually able to get me numbed right and were so calming and welcoming. Very happy I finally found a dentist I'm not afraid of!” – Val Erie

If you are struggling to overcome your dental phobia, we invite you to read the reviews left by our many patients. Oftentimes, learning how others dealt with their fears, anxieties, and concerns makes it easier to face your own. You can trust that our team at Lifetime Dental of Agawam is here to help you through the process and change the way you view your regular dental visits.

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