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Why I Became a Dentist

As a child, Dr. Michitti had a lot of trouble with his teeth. He made “too many” trips to the dentist and spent lots of time in the dental chair. As a result, he has an unusual amount of empathy for his patients. He knows what it feels like to be a patient in search of a healthy, happy smile. These experiences along with the encouragement of his own dentist and from Cousin Paul (who was a dentist), Dr. Michitti turned his undergraduate focus on pre-medicine into admission and graduation from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry.

My Dental Education & Training

While Ohio State gave Dr. Michitti a strong educational foundation, he has never stopped learning. In fact, he is recognized as a “Top 1% Dentist” for achieving Mastership status in the Academy of General Dentistry. In addition, he has completed courses at the prestigious Dawson Academy in Florida. Through this program, he grew to appreciate the importance of treating people, not teeth. And, he realized the direct connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

By completing more than 1,000 hours of continuing education, Dr. Michitti built exceptional skills in the placement and restoration of dental implants along with many other advanced, restorative techniques. More importantly, he established a network of dental peers across the United States. By working together and sharing best practices, this peer review group enables every member to deliver a higher level of dentistry to their patients.

Dr. Michitti Dental team
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One of less than 2% of dentists to earn the MAGD designation

I’m an MAGD dentist! What does that mean for you and your family?

MAGD stands for Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. Earning Mastership takes dedication to dental continuing education (CE) beyond graduation. Less than 2 percent of general dentists in the U.S. and Canada are AGD Masters. When you see a dentist with MAGD after their name, you can rest assured that they care about knowing the latest techniques and best practices in dentistry. AGD Masters practice these techniques in a classroom setting multiple times a year — not every dentist does this.

To become an AGD Master, a dentist must:

Life Away from the Dental Office

Even with his dedication to clinical excellence and the challenges of running a small business, Dr. Michitti relishes time with family more than anything else. Often, he and his wife can be found on the deck of pools across New England cheering for both of their son and daughter at a swim meet. When not at the pool, he considers himself an amateur vegetable gardener (though the season is relatively short).

For those of you who have been to the dental office, Dr. Michitti’s true passion should be quite evident. He takes great pride in his handyman skills, and he welcomes the opportunity to share the latest issue of the Handyman magazine along with his own tips, techniques and ideas.

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