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Restore Your Smile After Extensive Tooth Loss

Tooth replacement is essential whether you are missing a single tooth, several or an entire arch. When you have a complete smile, you naturally feel better about yourself. You are more confident and those around you react differently. But your appearance isn’t the only reason to remedy tooth loss. There are also oral and general health concerns to consider. For these reasons and more, Lifetime Dental offers three different types of dentures in Agawam near Feeding Hills: partial, full, and implant-supported.

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Good Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

If the look of your smile isn’t enough to convince you to get dentures, then consider these other reasons. First of all, just one missing tooth increases the likelihood of decay in your remaining teeth. In addition, people with tooth loss often have gum disease, a bacterial infection that puts you at risk for systemic maladies such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Also, teeth that are adjacent to a gap in your smile may start to shift, leading to alignment and bite problems. Finally, every tooth in your mouth has an important role to play when you eat. Some teeth slice, while others gnash and grind. The loss of any one tooth can impact your ability to eat a healthy diet.

Brilliant Dentures for Agawam

To restore your complete smile, Dr. Michitti and his staff offer dentures that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. The type of denture that is best for you will depend on the extent of your tooth loss. Partial Dentures If you are missing one or just a couple of teeth, then a partial denture could be the solution you need. Dr. Michitti will take impressions and design a partial that fits between your remaining teeth. False teeth are attached to a metal frame with clips or brackets that securely attach to other teeth.

Full Dentures

If you are missing all of the teeth along one or both jaws, then we’ll design a full denture that feels as good as it looks. The gum colored base will rest on top of your gums. If you need a denture for the top arch, then Dr. Michitti can design one that is closed or open palate for your comfort. False teeth are made of top-quality dental materials so your smile looks natural and you are able to speak and chew with confidence.

Implant-Supported Dentures

For greater security, nothing beats implant-supported dentures. These oral prosthetic devices are held in place by dental implants that Dr. Michitti strategically positions along your jaw. You’ll wear a temporary overdenture while your gums heal and the implants integrate within the bone. Once the healing process is complete in a few months, you’ll return to our dental office to have your permanent dentures fixed over the implants.

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