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Dr. Michitti and his team at Lifetime Dental of Agawam want you to maintain your natural, healthy smile for as long as possible. However, not all desires go as planned, and when a tooth becomes severely decayed or damaged, sometimes the only option is to remove it. Tooth extractions are never the “go-to” solution for Dr. Michitti, but he can safely and effectively perform these procedures when it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re unsure whether a tooth that’s been bothering you needs removal, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michitti.

Why Do I Need an Extraction?

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There are several reasons that can signal the need for a tooth extraction but only an experienced dental professional can ultimately decide whether it is a worthy procedure. Dr. Michitti and his team will always look to other potential solutions in an effort to save your natural tooth; however, if any of the following reasons are present and there are no other viable solutions, a tooth extraction might just be the only option:

Why Are Some Extractions More Difficult?

An extracted tooth When Dr. Michitti examines your tooth, he will need to determine how the tooth will best be removed. Typically, there are two types of extraction procedures: simple and surgical. A simple procedure is performed when the tooth is fully visible above the gum line and can be removed without making incisions. This is the most common type of extraction.

However, if you require a more complex (surgical) procedure, it is because the tooth has either broken off near the gum line or is impacted, which means it has yet to erupt through the gums. This is a much more difficult process, as it can sometimes require an oral surgeon to perform the surgery and can result in more extensive recovery time.  

What is the Procedure Like?

A dentist performing a dental procedure on a patient When you arrive for your appointment, Dr. Michitti will ensure you are comfortable by numbing the area around your tooth, keeping you pain-free throughout the procedure. Depending on which type of surgery you’ll be having, our team will extract your tooth one of two ways:

No matter what type of extraction you have, Dr. Michitti takes extra care to reduce your chances of developing an infection or dry socket after the procedure, but you will need to follow some suggested tips to ensure your recovery period is successful:

How to Replace a Missing Tooth

A man smiling Once your tooth is extracted and you’ve had ample time to heal, the next discussion will be how to replace it. Missing teeth can cause the bone to deteriorate, teeth to shift, and changes in your facial appearance. In order to prevent these from happening, there are several ways you can replace a missing tooth, including:

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