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When it comes to achieving and maintaining your best smile, quality preventive care is truly essential. After all, our goal at Lifetime Dental of Agawam is to do more than just treat the dental problems that arise for you and your family – we also want to do everything in our power to stop them before they get the chance to start. With a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Frank Michitti has the experience and dedication needed to support patients of all ages in this important, lifelong journey. Contact our dental office today to schedule your first appointment for preventive dentistry in Agawam, MA!

mirror showing back of teeth Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

The most vital part of preventive dentistry is attending routine checkups and cleanings at a trusted dental office like Lifetime Dental of Agawam. These visits benefit children and adults alike, allowing Dr. Michitti and the rest of our staff to form a complete understanding of our patients' unique dental needs and what can be done to address them. The examination will include an in-depth visual screening that covers the teeth, gums, bite, jaw, and more with the diagnostic power of digital X-rays and other modern technology. By identifying tooth decay, gum infection, and other common risks as early on as possible, we can lower your risk of overall dental disease.

Cleanings are also extremely important, allowing our talented dental hygienist to clear away accumulations of bacteria-filled plaque and tartar. They will also review proper oral hygiene techniques with you to ensure that your at-home routine is as effective as it can possibly be!

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mirror showing white teeth Dental Sealants

When teeth need a little extra protection from the threat of cavities, dental sealants are a likely recommendation from Dr. Michitti. This service is typically recommended for children who are still learning how to properly keep teeth clean with at-home oral hygiene, especially the tricky grooves on premolars and molars. Dental sealants help by effectively closing these areas against the likely accumulation of food and bacteria. The application process is fast, simple, and comfortable, and once placed, sealants can succeed for multiple years. Our team will check on them during each appointment to determine their effectiveness and whether replacements are needed.

man in exam chair in pain Nightguards

If you're constantly waking up each morning with facial pain, headaches, and teeth that seem more and more worn down, bruxism is likely to be the culprit. More commonly known as teeth grinding, bruxism is common among a wide range of patients, but those who tend to experience a lot of stress in their everyday life are likely targets. What’s worse is that it commonly occurs while people are sleeping, which makes the likelihood of being able to self-correct very small.

At Lifetime Dental of Agawam, Dr. Michitti strives to treat bruxism as soon as possible, potentially preventing severe dental damage and even the development of the more serious TMJ disorder. The most common way to do so is by designing a custom oral appliance (known as a “nightguard”) that patients can comfortably wear while they sleep. This device helps minimize any damaging contact between teeth, resulting in reduced symptoms and a healthier smile overall.

woman smiling at dentist Flouride Treatment

The natural mineral fluoride is routinely added to community water supplies, and for a good reason. Studies have strongly suggested that drinking fluoridated water leads to great oral health benefits over time, such as stronger enamel and reduced rates of decay. If our Agawam team determines that you or your child isn’t receiving enough fluoride on a daily basis, we may recommend professional fluoride applications as a worthwhile solution that will provide lasting benefits. Our dental office focuses on providing fluoride treatments that have higher quality and longer fluoride release onto teeth than ever before.

child smiling in mirror Children's Dentistry

Our Agawam team enjoys seeing patients of all ages, including children who are just getting started on the path towards lifelong oral health. Agawam family dentist, Dr. Michitti takes a gentle approach with everyone, but especially his younger patients; careful, friendly check-ups and cleanings will help keep little smiles free of decay, and our team will be sure to look out for any concerning developments as their teeth come in so that they can be addressed as soon as possible. We want to help every member of your family smile confidently!

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teen girl with sportsguard in Athletic Sportsguards

When you or your loved one is regularly participating in a sport, it’s important to provide their smile with the reliable protection it needs. That’s why our team highly recommends a customized oral appliance (also known as a “sportsguard”) from Lifetime Dental of Agawam! Dr. Michitti will provide a design that’s both sturdy and flexible, allowing the wearer to still breathe, speak, and move their jaw comfortably while doing their best out on the field or court.

dentist pointing to x-rayDigital X-Rays & Intraoral Cameras

Our dental team is committed to providing friendly, personalized care that’s backed up by the latest in modern techniques and advanced technology. For instance, digital X-rays are an excellent alternative to traditional film, capturing high-resolution images for easy viewing in a matter of seconds – and radiation exposure is greatly reduced as well! Dr. Michitti also uses intraoral cameras to give patients a show of their unique smile on the big screen, allowing him to point out areas of damage and more clearly explain the effects of certain treatments.

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