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3 Common Reasons To Call an Emergency Dentist in Agawam

January 6, 2019

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Man holding his cheek in painWhen you’re faced with sudden pain, it can be hard to know if you should seek out immediate care or not. Most people would (understandably) rather skip a visit to the dentist or doctor if they can. But there are some situations that simply shouldn’t be ignored – otherwise, they might turn into much worse situations! Keep reading to learn about 3 good reasons to call an emergency dentist in Agawam to schedule the first available appointment. You can’t always prevent an emergency situation, but you can at least be prepared by knowing what to do!

Broken Tooth or Filling

There’s no question that you should call a dentist if you’re in pain after breaking a tooth or filling, you should also call even if you aren’t in pain.

That’s because a broken tooth is much weaker, so it has a higher likelihood of breaking again. The more a tooth breaks, the more extensive dental work you’ll need to fix it.

For example, a small chip or break can usually be repaired with a filling. But if more of the tooth structure is affected, a dental crown or possibly even a root canal may be necessary.


If you notice swelling of your face or any of the soft tissues in your mouth, you may have an abscess or infection. These situations can be very dangerous if they’re not treated because the infection can spread to other areas of the body. In fact, there have been many cases where people have ended up in the hospital fighting off a serious infection because of an untreated dental abscess.

Fortunately, seeing an emergency dentist will prevent that. If they determine that the swelling is caused by an infection, they’ll prescribe antibiotics right away to treat it before working on the tooth itself.

Severe Pain

If you’re in severe pain that prevents you from sleeping, eating or going to work, call a dentist for the first available appointment. You may be tempted to “wait it out,” but you run the risk of it getting it worse or causing more damage in the end if you do that.

Also, if you have heavy bleeding for more than 10 minutes or suspect that you’ve broken your jaw, go to the nearest hospital emergency room or urgent care center first. Once you’ve been treated by a medical doctor, you can call a dentist for any dental needs you have.

Hopefully, you and your family won’t ever have to deal with one of these situations. But, now that you understand when to get dental care right away, at least you’ll be better prepared if necessary!

About the Author

Dr. Michitti is a general and emergency dentist in Agawam who’s treated countless emergencies and can always put his patients at ease, no matter the situation. With years of experience and a reassuring chairside manner, he gets people out of pain as quickly as possible while also maintaining their long-term oral health. If you’re in pain or have any other questions, he can be reached via his website.

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