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How Much Does Root Canal Therapy in Agawam Really Cost?

February 15, 2019

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If you have a toothache and your tooth is infected, you may need root canal therapy in Agawam. You know the tooth needs to be fixed, but can you afford to go to the dentist right now? Perhaps the real question is whether you can you afford not to. How much does it really cost anyway? How much will dental insurance cover? The cost of root canal therapy may seem expensive with or without dental insurance, but in the long term, it is worth addressing sooner rather than later. Check out this helpful information that can answer your questions.

Cost of Root Canal Therapy

The price for root canal therapy can vary greatly depending on which tooth needs work. Front teeth and bicuspids cost significantly less than molars, which can have two or even three root canals as opposed to just one. The average cost for root canal therapy is close to $1,000, but they can cost up to $2,000, not including the cost of the crown or filling or any follow-up appointments.

What Insurance Covers

Your coverage can vary depending on your policy. Most dental insurance companies completely cover preventive services, but they typically cover only about 50% of what you owe for major procedures like root canal therapy. Some insurances also have a waiting period if you’re new to the company, requiring that you wait a certain amount of time before more extensive and expensive procedures are eligible for coverage. The best way to know what your insurance will pay for is to contact them directly or work with your dental office to get an accurate estimate.

Cost of Waiting

If you think that it will save you money to wait for root canal therapy until later, think again! You have an infected tooth that needs to be treated before causing more harm. Choosing to delay treatment could mean that instead of repairing and preserving the natural tooth now, you may need to extract it completely later. Tooth restorations have made many advancements, but nothing compares to the natural tooth. Getting the root canal therapy you need now can relieve the pain you feel and restore your oral health sooner rather than later, when more extensive and expensive treatment could be needed.

In the end, if you need the treatment, the cost of root canal therapy pales in comparison to not getting it. Talk to your dentist and their staff about payment for root canal therapy. Some dental offices provide payment plans or other ways to make root canal therapy more affordable. Your teeth are worth restoring to full health and function, so you can enjoy your natural smile for years to come.

About the Author

Dr. Frank Michitti is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), a prestigious honor which less than 2% of general dentists in the U.S. and Canada earn. At Lifetime Dental, he and his staff are committed to providing comprehensive, personalized care for the whole family. He takes time to get to know each patient, treating the whole person, not just the teeth. To schedule an appointment with him, you can call (413) 786-4400 or click here.

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