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Feeling Tired and Foggy? Your Dentures Could Be Contributing to Poor Nutrition

April 8, 2024

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Good nutrition is an essential part of healthy living. When your body gets all the vitamins it needs, you feel good and ready to tackle the day. However, many factors affect your ability to absorb and receive nutrients, and research suggests that your dentures could be one of those factors. If you catch yourself feeling tired and foggy, or simply find your prosthetic teeth uncomfortable, keep reading.

The Science of Fatigue

Studies show that patients with dentures experience a larger decline in their nutritional wellbeing than patients without dentures. Depending on an individual’s specific deficiencies, they could develop a swollen tongue, cracked lips, mouth ulcers – and a host of other unpleasant issues. Since these patients also rely on softer foods, they tend to have high-cholesterol diets that increase their risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Soft, pillowy foods like pasta, crackers, and bread can also cause fatigue and “brain fog”. This is because grains and gluten are dense with carbohydrates. Carbs prompt a couple of different reactions in our bodies:

  • The production of serotonin, which eases anxiety
  • The production of melatonin, which makes us drowsy
  • Blood sugar spikes, which wear the body out

These reactions are fine if you’re trying to fall asleep at night, but might be undesirable during the day. Normally, combining soft carbs with protein-carrying meats or certain fats can help reduce these effects. However, for some patients, that might be easier said than done.

Traditional Dentures Limit What You Can Eat

A traditional, full set of dentures limits what you can eat by restricting your biting power. You might have already noticed that you’re unable to effectively break down hard, chewy, or crispy foods. Meat, vegetables, certain fruits, and nuts can be challenging, if not downright impossible, to consume. Yet these are exactly the types of food we need to maintain a good diet! Without these essentials on the table, you’re likely missing out on important nutrients.

Traditional Dentures Sometimes Make It Difficult to Want Food

Many patients find eating uncomfortable because their traditional dentures move as they chew. What should be a pleasurable experience becomes bothersome – and sometimes painful – when food particles slip under the dentures. This tendency might make you less inclined to eat at all, let alone good, nutritional foods that will help you feel energized.

How Implant Dentures Can Help

Implant dentures involve anchoring posts to your jawbone so that your prosthetic teeth will stay in place. In other words, they don’t simply rest on top of your gums, and they don’t need the sometimes faulty power of suction to remain still. With the help of implant dentures, you’ll have more bite power and more stability.

The security provided by implant dentures means you’ll be able to chew a crispy salad or juicy steak knowing that your teeth aren’t going anywhere. Your favorite nutritional foods won’t be sneaking past your prosthetics to irritate your gumline, either.

If an expanded menu, improved health, and realistic pearly whites interest you, be sure to ask your dentist about implant dentures.

About the Author

Dr. Michitti knows better than most that oral health contributes to overall health. He has extensive experience with dental restoration, including dental implants and other advanced techniques. If you have questions or concerns about your dentures or want to know more about your restoration options, schedule a consultation by giving Lifetime Dental of Agawam a call at 413-786-4400 or visit their website for online booking.

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